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I see others have been a victim of American Alcohol Analyzers FRAUD. Copy and past the following link into your browser:


And if you really need to get in touch with him... don't bother with his US addresses, those are fake.

Here is where he really lives: Guana Bay, his address is 35 Canoe Shell Road, Guana Bay, St. Maarten N.V. 


The nightmare with American Alcohol Analyzers began when we unfortunately found the web site. I looked over the web site and my business partner placed a telephone call to the number on the web site. A couple days later we heard from Anthony J. Prall owner of the fraudulent company. He spoke with my partner on the telephone a couple of times and answered all of our questions. He also told us that he had a special for every five machines we bought we would get one free. We decided to purchase 10 machines with us receiving two free. Anthony Prall faxed us a copy of the contract and we signed it and faxed it back. This is where all the trouble began. Our fist clue that he was a fraud was when we were asked to wire transfer the money to an international account. We were excessively trusting and did it anyway. After the wire transfer went through, we contacted him to be sure that he got our money and to see when our machines were going to ship. Anthony Prall said he had to check with his bank and he would get back to us. For two weeks, we were contacting him by telephone and email with no response.
Then my partner found something very disturbing on the Internet stating that Anthony J. Prall was a fraud. The web site she found said that if you order from Anthony you would send the money but never receive the machines. The web site also stated that Anthony J. Prall is living in the Netherlands because he had a former company Soberdrive and the FTA had placed a judgement against Soberdrive for ,000. To say the least we were very disturbed. Copy the following link and past it into your browser to see for yourself at:
See the screen shot of the site below.
1.) He says he based out of Massachusetts and the area code for his telephone number is based out of Massachusetts, but you can only leave a message.
2.) He never will give you a telephone number where you can directly contact him without leaving a voice mail.
3.) There is not a listing with any telephone company for American Alcohol Analyzers in any city in Massachusetts.
4.) Every telephone number and address lead to a dead end.
5.) The address that he says is the factory is not a factory it is in a residential neighborhood.
6.) He is living in the Netherlands that is where my machines shipped from and he lies about where he lives.
7.) If he were to ever call you the number ALWAYS shows up on caller ID as unavailable.
8.) The money is wire transferred to an "international" account in the Netherlands.
9.) If you read the entire web site, he states that he will not mail you anything because by not mailing he keeps his costs down. The real reason is that you can track him if he were to mail you something.

We then found every agency that dealt with fraud and filed a claim and we even went to our local FBI office. My partner and I decided that Anthony Prall was never going to steal anyoneís money again. Therefore, we decided to inform people we would put up a web site to warn everyone. I thought it would be humorous to email Anthony our progress against his company so we did. Within 2 hours, we heard a response back from his "sales manager". He said that Anthony had been out of town for 2 weeks and he would talk to Anthony about everything. It seemed quite convenient to us because we had been emailing and calling him at least once a day for 2 weeks with no response, but we decided to play along with him. Anthony finally emailed us back with no response to his unusual business practices. He just said our machines would ship out on Monday and we would get a tracking number on Tuesday. Then Tuesday came and went with no contact this went on with Anthony saying that our machines would ship but they never would. Finally one day we actually received a tracking number and the following day we received our machines. I know you might be thinking well he is not a fraud then but we also paid for stands almost and extra straw holders. I have attempted to contact him but he has not responded. We believe that he has stolen other peopleís money but they didnít attempt to take it as far as we did. From what I can tell, we only received our machines because we threatened to put up a web site that would make his fraud of otherís impossible. Little did he know he hasnít pacified us by sending us our machines. First, we had to wait an extra month to get our machines and he sent us 8 of the 12 with the wrong fronts on them. All I can say to anyone reading this is I have done a lot of research on Anthony J. Prall and American Alcohol Analyzers and I have found many conflicting and disturbing things.

Anthony J. Prall "owner" of American Alcohol Analyzers always had an excuse and a reason for every one of his lies. I urge you not to do business with him and if you do PLEASE do not wire transfer the money. BE CAREFUL!!

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